Monday, April 30, 2012

I can't believe tomorrow is MAY

I didn't get to go down to Columbus to visit Gia. Wednesday I woke up with a stuffy nose. It progressed into a full blown head cold, so no newborn babies for me. Today I am finally feeling better. Not back to full health, but better. Hopefully I am over it completely by Friday so we can head down and visit.

Today is the first day of finals week. The last finals week of my full time student career. I have 2 summer classes and 2 classes in the fall and then I'm finally freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Now I have to find a job. To pay back my loans.

I can't believe how things are finally coming together. Seriously. After my last final on Wednesday this semester is over. As I said, hopefully we'll visit Gia this weekend. Matt's birthday is Saturday. Then I have a week long summer class next week. Finally few weeks off. This time will be full: pack, clean, dress fitting, Memorial Day camping trip, pack, close on house, move, bridal shower, nest nest nest, dress fitting, nest, dress fitting, WEDDING, life. Things are moving fast and falling into place. In four short weeks (honestly, I don't remember 4 weeks ago) we will be closing on the house. We will have keys and start creating our home together.

Matt and I have spent plenty of time cohabiting in our 8 years together. Once college started we spent a lot of our time together and eventually shared living space with roommates. Currently we're living together with my parents. We've never lived together alone. I can't wait to take this step. I miss doing the grocery shopping and cooking for the two of us. I miss playing music while I make dinner or breakfast and he taps away at whatever he is doing on the computer. I miss burning candles while I clean. I miss the freedom and autonomy of running my own life without the judgement of my parents. I'm so ready to be done with roommates. Except for Matt, he isn't a roommate. He is a continuation of myself.

Bursting with love
House news: I am told from my secret sources (aka my aunt who lives on the same street and Grandma who live a few blocks away...) that the yard has been freshly mulched and the new roof has been put on!! I'm shocked and pleasantry surprised to see them continue the upkeep of the yard. Can't wait to get in and take some more before pictures.

Before we know it we'll be on the other side of things and looking back at how far we've come.


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