Saturday, November 24, 2012

And you will ask yourself: How did I get here?

Well hello there.

So. Things have really changed since I left off.

We live in our sweet little house now. I've done a handful of things to help transform it into our home. Nothing is done but we've made progress. Off the top of my head: I ripped out the stinky carpet to find the floors need refinished. I painted the kitchen cabinets white but have not gotten around to hanging the doors back and swapping out the hardware. I painted the dining room but need to touch up the trim and put the outlet covers back on. I hung a different light fixture but need to find a ceiling medallion to hide a slight gap at the ceiling.

We got maaaaaaarried.

We got a PUPPY!!! He is a boston terrier we named Gimli and he is the (second) love of my life. We adopted him from a rescue 5 days after our wedding when he was 9 weeks old. Such a sweet little man.

I decided to add another major and added some more time onto my graduation date. -sad trombone- BUT this course of study provides more opportunities for work.

I turned 24.

Matt went to Malaysia for a week.

And now its time for Christmas?!?!?!