Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crack that whip

This wedding stuff is getting really real, really fast.

Yesterday marked 2 months until the big day. I am not prepared.

I have to send out invitations, like... yesterday. I spent last night hand addressing the envelopes, applying stamps to envelopes and post cards, and trying to inconspicuously write numbers on the back of the response cards. I ended with a cramped up dinosaur claw for a hand. Still waiting for the direction cards from the designer (my super talented sister, Emily.) Once those are here I can assemble these puppies andsend them on their merry way.

Next weekend is my first alterations appointment. Can't wait to see what we can do to customize my dress!

I'm trying to help Matt decide on a groomsman gift for each of the guys but it is hard! Everything we think of is either Cheesy with a capitol C or super lame.

The main gifts for my ladies are here and ready to be wrapped up. I love them. Will share after I give them. I'm still looking for little odds and ends to really personalize them.

I purchased Matt's wedding gift!!!! It is perfect! I cannot wait to see his face when he sees it. He is going to be so excited. PS we're doing a first look so yes, I will see his face.

We still need to plan the ceremony wording. Finalize/finish decor. Choose music. Schedule the day for the photographer. Choose cake flavor. Purchase favor supplies. Finish Matt's outfit. I know there is so much more but I can't think of it right now.

Currently I'm trying to plan the rehearsal dinner. It is proving to be very frustrating.

Let's take a moment to recenter and focus on the positive:

Here is a sneak peek. My gorgeous reproduction jadeite cake stand, vintage birdie salt and pepper shakers for the cake topper, handmade table number, and vintage yellow table cloth for the cake table. It is going to be beautiful and fun. My happy place.

Matt and I just had an impromptu Britney dance party (Til the world ends) so life is still pretty good. 


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